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William McKeever

William McKeever is an author and filmmaker focused on raising awareness about the threats to the ocean.  He believes that It is important for citizens to know about those dangers but all too often the mainstream media do not cover them.  As a film producer/director and author, he seeks to provide important information on key issues in an entertaining and thoughtful way. In addition, he seeks to bring about regulatory change through educating the citizenry and with environmental advocacy. 

His current film, The Biggest Little Fish You’ve Never Seen, is about menhaden.

His previous film, Emperors of the Deep-The Shark, is a unique documentary on sharks which raises awareness about the importance of sharks to the health of the marine environment. He also dispels the myth of sharks as man-eaters. The film can be seen by clicking here

Mr. McKeever also wrote a book, published by Harper Collins in 2019, of the same name as the film, which reveals the new science about sharks and their important role in the marine ecosystem.

Another documentary film that he wrote and directed is Oceans, Plastic and Health and is focused on plastic in the ocean. The movie takes a unique look at this issue from the standpoint of plastic’s impact on human health.

Mr. McKeever serves on the board of the Founding Fish Network and Great Barrier Reef Foundation Australia. The latter is using science to help save reefs systems around the world. He is the winner of the Wings Award from the Pegasus Foundation, a Floridian non-profit dedicated to promoting animal welfare. This award, given to individuals who have done outstanding work in conservation, is based on his various films and book.

Our Mission: environmental advocacy

Our mission is to educate the public about the risks to the health of the oceans through books and films.

In a democracy, the citizenry must be knowledgeable about the threats to the environment. Implementing appropriate legislative and regulations depends it. 

We are focused currently on protecting menhaden and sharks, two valuable keystone species.

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Our mission is to educate the public about the risks to the health of the oceans through books and films.

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