Donate books to help bookstores and sharks

Independent bookstores are struggling to remain in business. Safeguard the Seas is seeking to help bookstores and sharks by introducing an innovative program. Donations to Safeguard The Seas* will be used to purchase the book Emperors of the Deep- The Shark from independent bookstores. The bookstore will then gift the books to schools and universities throughout the country to educate people as to how important sharks are to maintain the health of the oceans as they have done for 450 million years.

For those that wish to participate in this innovative program, the table shows possible levels of participation although any gift of books at $16 each would be gratefully appreciated.

Shark CategoryDonationBooks
Great White190$3,000

When you participate in this program, you help so many people that work in the independent bookstore industry.  Moreover, you assist environmental and biology students that need books to gain the education they need to go out and help the environment.

When you help the sharks swim free, you help the oceans; they are that important. Thank you in advance for considering this cause.


William S. McKeever

Safeguard The Seas is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit; donations are tax-deductible

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