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Safeguard The Seas (STS) is a non-profit, 501(C) (3) organization and was founded in 2019 by William Mckeever, an author and filmmaker with a passion to protect the oceans. Oceans are under tremendous threat from overfishing of fish species such as sharks and tuna. In addition, single-use plastic is choking our oceans and threatening sea life. Our goal is to raise awareness to these issues through books and films. Once enough people understand sharks, we will see further progress in ending this pernicious shark fin trade and provide protection for sharks.


Safeguard the Seas (STS) is aggressively pushing for legislative and regulatory change. Despite the massacre of 100 million sharks a year, it is not too late to save sharks; however, action must be taken now. STS is working on several fronts to protect sharks.

End Shark Finning

The American Bar Association (ABA) recently passed a resolution calling for a ban on the trade of shark fins. Resolution 102A as noted below is ground-breaking in its intent to help protect sharks.

RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association encourages all international, regional, national, and state bar associations, and international organizations, to promote policies and laws that prohibit and penalize the possession, sale, and trade of shark fins. STS is working with the ABA to help enact legislation that bans shark fin trading at the state level and overseas entities such as the European Union.

End Shark Tournaments

Shark tournaments are a vestige of an era when nature was to be conquered and animals were scary beasts to be killed. Sharks are crucial to the marine ecosystem and should not be used to entertain people for the weekend. The reality is that many important shark species are killed in these tournaments and end up being thrown in the garbage. The mako shark is currently classified as endangered by the IUCN. Having makos killed in shark tournaments damages the environment and hurts everyone.

STS has started a petition to call for legislators in New York to include sharks in the upcoming legislation that would ban wildlife trophy hunting tournaments. Please help by signing our Petitions.


STS seeks to upend the antiquated view of sharks as man eaters and replace it with the vision that sharks are crucial to the marine ecosystem and are disinterested in humans. To that end, the book and the film of the same name, Emperors of the Deep, seeks to educate legislators, students, and the general public about the real truth of sharks.

Book Donations

Please see our book donation program that gives books to students so that they can learn how the marine ocean system works and the vital role sharks play as apex predators.

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