What We Do

Endangered Tiger Shark
Photo Credit: Duncan Brake

SAFEGUARD THE SEAS (STS) is a non-profit, 501(C) (3) organization and was founded in 2019 by William Mckeever, an author and filmmaker with a passion to protect the oceans. Oceans are under tremendous threat from overfishing of fish species such as sharks and tuna. In addition, single-use plastic is choking our oceans and threatening sea life. Our goal is to raise awareness to these issues through books and films. 

Often, environmental problems – like climate change or forest destruction – are widely acknowledged, but governments, corporations and international bodies are unmotivated or dismiss the solutions. however, our view is that once a wrong is exposed and enough people clamor for change, that government will then take action.  Our goal through our books and films is to promote open, informed debate about society’s environmental choices, and involves industries, communities and individuals in making change happen.

Our current book and film, Emperors of the Deep, seeks to raise awareness about the importance of sharks to the ecosystem as well as their precarious situation around the world. We advocate for progressive regulation in the United States and on the high seas to protect sharks and stop over-exploitation of the oceans.

Trailer to Emperors of the Deep

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