Shark Ecotourism


Shark ecotourism offers an interaction with sharks in a way that reveals just how remarkable these animals are in nature in their undisturbed state. The experience fosters a greater appreciation of natural habitats and sometimes generates new insight about how we humans are interconnected to the environment. Innumerable jobs are created from shark ecotourism that centers around marine activities, such as shark and reef diving and snorkeling. A healthy environment is the cornerstone for ecotourism.

A Good Shark is Not a Dead Shark

The evidence is overwhelming that living sharks drive revenues and job creation. I asked Wes Pratt, a highly regarded shark scientist, for his views on whether sharks are important in ecotourism. “A good shark is not a dead shark,” he said. “In some communities, a shark is worth a lot more alive than it is dead.” Sharks provide tourist communities with significant revenues. “A dead shark is probably worth $100 to $200, depending on the size of its fins and the species, whereas estimates of its value to a community in an ecotourism operation, for example, are between $100,000 and $250,000 per shark, when you divide the worth of the ecotourism, the profits over the years or over an annual basis, by the number of sharks that are used in that community.

Featured Shark Dive Operation

Florida Shark Diving
Jupiter, Florida
(305) 395-9140

Florida Shark Diving is a shark encounter company located in Jupiter, Florida, twenty miles north of West Palm Beach. The company takes small groups, anywhere from three to six people, three miles off the coast to snorkel with sharks. Snorkelers have the option of holding on to a rope extending 20 years from the boat to create the perfect viewing platform for sharks. The types of sharks seen varies depending on the time of the year and includes such species as the bull, tiger, lemon, and more. Hammerheads and silky sharks can also be seen on a trip. With over a decade of experience in shark diving, the company allows for an encounter in a safe and responsible way.

Captain and Dive Guide Bryce Rohrer is the owner and operator and he pioneered shark diving in both the North Eastern United States and many parts of South Florida and the Florida Keys. He has been working with sharks on a professional level for over 10 years. Captain Bryce’s knowledge on sharks, their behavior, how to dive with them safely ensures a safe and successful encounter. His company has never experienced a shark nor human mistake on any of his trips, which is one of the reasons why this operation is one of the best in the United States.

He enjoys meeting new people every day from all walks of life, from all over the world and being able to give them a once-in-a lifetime experience with sharks. For a day of adventure, Captain Bryce has the experience and ability to make sure a shark encounter is a success.

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