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Emperors of the Deep is a unique ocean documentary that takes the viewer on a journey into the world of sharks. The writer and director, Bill McKeever, witnesses a shark tournament in Montauk. He is so shocked that he investigates further and exposes how shark tournaments kill scores of sharks for pleasure.

His tournament discovery generates more questions about what is happening to sharks and the threats that they face.  He travels around the world to meet with experts and dive with sharks.  As he does so, he uncovers more death and destruction on the high seas than one could possible imagine. His discoveries change how the viewer see sharks.

The Journey

After Montauk, the next part of his journey is South Africa. Here he interviews a top scientist and dives with a Great White to see if they are man-eaters. His dive convinces him that sharks are not a threat to man and are magnificent creatures.

In order to learn more about sharks, he travels to exciting locations around the world: Hawaii, South Africa and Cambodia, to name a few. The underwater shark video is extraordinary as top underwater cameramen capture unique and exciting views of sharks in 4K. Moreover, the interviews with the marine scientists, fishermen and others reveal new information never seen in a marine documentary.

The ocean documentary reveals the latest science and knowledge about sharks. When he interviews one of the top shark experts in the world, Dr. Carl Meyer in Hawaii, he learns that millions of sharks are being killed for their fins. The reason is that many fishermen on the Asian fishing boats in the Pacific are slaves, and they are hoping to scratch out an existence by selling shark fins to China. He tells the story of one young man held at sea against his will for four years. He interviews other fishermen held as slaves and they discuss their brutal treatment.


In summary, his personal journey is a never-told story that shines a light on why sharks are being decimated by the millions, and yet need to be valued as an important part of the marine environment.  The ocean documentary causes the viewer to think about sharks in a new way. Man needs sharks for his own survival since the ocean rely on them to keep the seas healthy. The feeling for the viewer after the film is one of appreciation for sharks, not fear. The film is a call to action to protect sharks from mankind’s brutal treatment.

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